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About Kathy


photograph by Quiltmania


photograph by Quilt Folk Magazine


photograph by Melanie Zacek Photography

I am thrilled to say hi and introduce you to my quilt studies, projects, and more!


I began my journey in quilting around 1985 by "stitching".  I didn't have the knowledge of quilting techniques or history but I was attracted to fabric and wanted to try creating quilts.  I began with cardboard templates, scissors, and no lessons. In the 90s I moved to Seattle and started taking classes on quilt techniques. 


In 2000, everything in my life was flipped.  At that time, I was working as a corporate sales manager traveling around the world.  I decided that I needed to find something that I loved that had nothing to do with work.  I found a love for the process of quilting and it gave me a sense of calm that I was deeply attracted to.   


About 20 years ago, the company I was working for sent me to an American Quilt Study Group (AQSG) conference to deliver an apology for a commercial they released.  That conference changed my life.  Not only did I find a new passion for the history of quilts, I found a place where I belonged amongst a group of women who didn't quite know where we all fit in yet but were driven to make a difference.  This group has supported each other through so much over the years and has a bond that is paramount in my life.  The support and passion of these women has helped me grow as a quilter and given me many opportunities to pursue my passion for the rich history in quilts.  

"After a long and successful career in sales and marketing for Fortune 500 companies, she changed course completely in 2012 to run a picturesque inn and antique quilt shop in Grafton, Vermont with her husband, John. ... In another complete shift in course three years after they started that adventure, they retired to Florida in 2015. ... Retirement does not mean slowing down for Kathy." - Quiltmania


I currently reside in Ormond Beach, Florida with my husband, John, and two cats, Whitey and Turbo.  I remain driven in my work but have created a life I love.  "


'I surround myself with things I love: my husband, my cats, and my quilts.' Their home is every inch a testament to that. Kathy has decorated it lovingly with antique quilts, orphaned antique quilt blocks, antique panel dolls, and her own unique style of what she calls “blended quilts. We’ve worked hard to own this space. The quilts bring a sense of joy, calm , and comfort—all the things I value in a home.” - Quiltmania


My research drives my quilting and respect for the process. I have been studying antique quilts and textiles for about 20 years now. 


"She has immersed herself in the study of antique quilts and textiles through her involvement with the American Quilt Study Group (AQSG), by coordinating the Florida Quilt Study Group, and by participating in other regional quilt study groups." - Quiltmania 


In the upcoming year, I am returning to the board of directors for the American Quilt Study Group, looking to further my research, and give lectures and workshops across the United States.


I look forward to meeting you and discussing more about quilts.

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