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Photo by Melanie Zacek Photography

The "Blended Quilts" exhibit is for display at your museum or show.

"Blended Quilts"

This is an exhibit of twenty quilts that combine vintage quilt blocks with new fabrics. These orphaned blocks have been allowed to "grow up" into wonderful quilts.

  To schedule this exhibit to be displayed, please email me!

I love the opportunity to share quilts and historical information.  Lectures and trunk shows are a wonderful way to share quilt history, show these beautiful pieces, and encourage others to continue learning.  These are typically one hour long.

Click below to get more information about the available lectures.

I have a passion for connecting people and quilts.  I have years of experience in coordinating the sale of quilts to the right buyer.  I work hard to do what’s right for both the buyer and the seller, but more importantly what is best for the quilt.

If you are interested in information on selling your quilts, please email me for more information. 


Photo by Tara Miller

Sharing history and teaching these historic quilt making techniques is such a fun opportunity.  I teach several workshops and would love to teach to your group or guild.

Click below to get more information about the current workshops.

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